Agility by Navagate

Our delivery partner Navagate, a leader in Sales Force Automation software has one of the most unique products, AGILITY which is highly acceptable in CRM market. Agility is a pre-built enterprise software platform that provides benefits of traditional CRM/SFA but is highly tailored to industry requirements; it is highly customizable, and is deployed in coordination with our clients to drive unique business value. It is based on an underlying Java (J2EE) platform that provides an extensive business object library; re-usable components; and a framework for rapid customization and integration. It bridges the gap between the critical data in the back office, managers, advisors, and clients. Some if its features are highlighted in the diagram given below.

AGILITY helps drive success by providing the tools you need to maximize business growth in the following form:
  • Contact Management
  • Client and Account Tracking
  • Activity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing
  • Enterprise Calendaring
  • Advanced Search
  • Household Tracking
  • Sales Management and Reporting
  • Producer Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Policy Tracking
  • Hierarchies
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
Your business is sure to get benefitted in the following ways:
  • Build high performing distribution channels - automated workflows guide your advisors through a formalized selling process, boosting sales force productivity
  • Maximize customer engagement opportunities
  • Create consistent and repeatable sales processes using your best practices approach
  • Build and maintain strong client relationships that drive more business
  • Better manage the pipeline - Alerts for status changes,inactivity, and events ensure the pipeline does not stagnate
  • Optimize the value of your firm by creating an standardized, manageable, and collaborative framework

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