Healthcare BPO & PBM Services is an emerging company specializing in various Healthcare related services, one of which is BPO. We have the capacity of serving government health plan market which includes support for Medicare Advantage, Part D, Managed Medicaid and SCHIP. We deliver comprehensive and cost-effective BPO services which help in increasing satisfaction and improving overall operational efficiency, thus reducing costs by at least 50%.

In this competitive market, survival is tough due to stringent regulations and reforms of Healthcare industry in US economy. We, being compliant with state and federal rules and regulations, help the clients attain the desired results with our exceptional services which are as follows:

When it comes to specialized PBM services, we are not far behind. In fact, is well-acquainted with the major industrial challenges that PBMs encounter. In the current market scenario, where we see new addition every other day, keeping pace is important with changing environment. We know that there is an ardent need for extensive and organized documentation support as well as improvement of prescription medication outcomes and maintenance of rationality of prescriptions. Understanding the need gap, we offer customized services to help our clients make the best use of our services. Few benefits associated when working with us are:

  • Increased product differentiation for existing clients
  • Greater operational control over – Data; Pharmaceuticals and Compliance
  • Increased rebate control
  • Increased clientele owing to expanding product/service offering
Some of our better known services in PBM are as follow:

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