System Integration & Technology (SI&T)

Systems Integration & Technology (SI & T) is the process of bringing together of two or more systems and working as on one system. The main aim of SI &T is to be able to deliver the over-arching functionality and ensure cost reduction and efficiency in company’s operation.

SI & T is not new in market but Healthcare industry still seems to be in a virgin state when it comes to applications using SI & T. Of late, Healthcare Payers and Providers have adopted technology driven business models, one of which is SI & T. The most common type of SI & T seen in the Healthcare market is the integration of CRM and DMS. We can help your business grow with our state of the art SI & T facility which will has the potential of solving your business problems, drive innovation and thereby lead to good company performance at an accelerated pace. With our technology driven research team specializing as system integrator who work with full commitment, we provide tremendous benefits to our clients in the form of improving business value and performance. provides service in SI & T domain to Healthcare IT companies. We help companies develop innovative and competitive new products, while meeting financial targets. We also help clients improve current development process. Some of our services in SI & T are as follows:

Our service has been well accepted by the industry players. Some of the benefits associated with our system are as follows:
  • User friendly technology
  • Flexibility/Reusability
  • Rapid development/deployment
  • Quality interfaces
  • Branded technology
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