TFG Debit Cards

Our Delivery Partner, TFG Card Solutions is the value leader in the payroll debit card market, providing the TFG Visa® payroll debit card to unbanked workers in the United States through a direct relationship with their employers. TFG helps employers expand direct deposit participation to every U.S. employee.

They were founded in 2004 by an experienced leadership team with a breadth and depth of expertise in human resources and financial services, as well as business-to-business relationships and consumer solutions management. Based in Portland, Oregon, TFG offers its payroll debit card program to employers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, cut costs, and streamline payroll operations.

Benefits of TFG Debit Cards:
  • Eliminate money‐order hassles and fees
  • 24 hour access to wages
  • Text/email alerts when funds added
  • Increase personal safety and security
  • Eliminate check‐cashing fees
  • Reduce exposure to identity theft
  • Eliminate wiring fees for transferring funds       
Best Uses:
  • Use FREE and UNLIMITED for point of sale purchases, and that includes “Cash Back”
  • Load cash manually onto the card at participating MoneyGram® and Visa® Readylink Locations
  • Pay bills and make purchases online
  • Receive a 2nd card for sharing money with family
  • Receive text message alerts including:
    • Funds added
    • Low balance
    • Weekly balance and more
  • Use with your 2nd or next job
  • Use with any and all direct depositors (tax refund, unemployment, government benefits, etc.)
  • Check balance for free over the phone
  • Manage your account online at

425 Washington Blvd., Jersey City,
New Jersey 07302, USA

Phone: +1 201.258.4704 / 201.258.4704
Fax: +1 201.604.3480