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The truth about prostate cancer screening

A few weeks ago, a good friend called me from Lima to ask if it was true that I was against any kind of prostate surgery and sent me an article that said, “Dr. Elmer Huerta: no more prostate cancer screening. The prostate is untouchable, its enlargement is by age …

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Feet have not evolved from sedentarism

The professor of the University of Kent Vybarr Cregan-Reid noted that there is increasing scientific evidence that the feet are key in human evolution, and shows one of the traces of human footprints oldest found dates back one and a half million years, found in Kenya. The footprint helped determine …

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What to do or change if you have sleep disorders

There are nights when we feel like sleeping, but we can’t because insomnia takes over us. Dr. José Luis Pérez-Albela Beraún in his book ‘El sueño sagrado’ gives us some tips for falling asleep. Eliminates the fear of insomnia. People with insomnia tend to develop the fear of losing the …

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Discover the benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment whose origins date back to ancient Egyptians. Considered the first therapists in aromas, they used natural oils based on eucalyptus, lavender or cloves of odor, as part of their healing method, but also Cosmetic, in baths and to aromatize temples. Cleopatra, famous for her great …

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The Andalusian Nursing Council and the health and Family Council

The Andalusian Council of Nursing (CAE) and the Ministry of Health and families formed this morning the Nursing Now Andalucía group. This initiative, promoted by the institution of collegial andalusian, is included within the international campaign Nursing Now, in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the World …

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They say Alberto Fernández’s health is more delicate than they say.

The presidential precandidate of Unidad Ciudadana, Alberto Fernández, has a pleural inflammation and will continue to be interned in the Sanatorium Otamendi at least until Wednesday. Through a statement, the institution indicated that”after several diagnostic studies, a pleural inflammation was detected that could correspond to a subsegmental arterial obstruction.” On …

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