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Delegation of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba visits India

A delegation from the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba makes a working visit to India to learn about the experiences of the application of different forms of traditional medicine in the populous South Asian country.

Specialists and officials headed by Vice Minister Alfredo González traveled from Havana with the aim of expanding the links in this sector with this country of an ancient tradition in this field.

The Caribbean nation has been strengthening and developing different techniques of traditional and Natural Medicine in the health sector, in line with the guidelines emanating from the VI and VII congresses of the Communist Party of Cuba, Gonzalez told Prensa Latina in declarations in New Delhi.

India is a country with a rich culture that developed different techniques of Traditional Medicine, Galen noted.

In the last two years, he recalled, some steps have been taken and several agreements and memoranda of understanding have been signed between the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba and the portfolios of Ayush and Health and Family Welfare of India.

In Cuba, he said, various forms of Natural and Traditional Medicine are used as a therapeutic option available to medical professionals, to treat a wide range of diseases whose benefits are known to the Cuban population, with increasing acceptance in patients and with unquestionable health benefits.

Therefore, the introduction of Natural and traditional Indian medicine modalities will allow the further development of this area on the island, he added.

‘We have seen experiences related to the use of yoga and other techniques of proven utility that will allow us to expand these modalities for the benefit of the people,’ he explained.

The Cuban Deputy Minister of Health said that his delegation was attended by important centres such as the Indian Institute of Yoga and the Indian Institute of Ayurveda.

The Cuban specialists also had a meeting with experts and directors of the Ministry of Ayush, the entity in charge of organizing and conducting Natural and Traditional Medicine in India.

We appreciate – he said-very interesting experiences and with unquestionable results, which have increasing scientific evidence, and show the validity and effectiveness of its application.

The Cuban Vice-lieutenant of Health also highlighted the traditional hospitality of the Indian people with the Cubans.

Without a doubt, he said, health professionals in Cuba, who already have a preparation and experience in the different institutions of the healthcare network of the country, will have an arsenal of therapeutic options that will be available to patients to treat different types of diseases and ailments, which are increasingly accepted by the population because of their benefits.

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