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Discover the benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment whose origins date back to ancient Egyptians. Considered the first therapists in aromas, they used natural oils based on eucalyptus, lavender or cloves of odor, as part of their healing method, but also Cosmetic, in baths and to aromatize temples. Cleopatra, famous for her great beauty, used to resort to these arts: it is said that she lavished essential oil-based skin treatments, that she filled her mattress with rose petals, and that when she had to negotiate she perfumed her hair and the atmosphere with Jasmine.

According to Pamela Ruiz, director of Essences & Aromas, aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils, which are extracted from plants, flowers or herbs, containing olfactory molecules but also chemical components specific to each species.

Therapist Johnny Ferrer, from the therapy and Health Center, explains that this therapy is focused on sensorially stimulating the central nervous system and generating a connection to internal organs, improving overall health and well-being. Being an effective ally in relieving certain ailments, the specialist indicates that it is important to make a prior diagnosis to determine the patient’s pathology, in order to choose the essential oil and propose a treatment, which may be linked to therapeutic techniques such as shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture or massages (relaxing, decontracting, reducing, etc.).

Uses keys

Ruiz explains that essential oils have different properties. She offers some recommendations for aromatherapy massages. For romantic massages, aromas of rose, cinnamon, vanilla and sandalwood are suggested. For meditative purposes: myrrh, patchulie, sandalwood and ylang-ylang (flower native to Madagascar). For balancing treatments are poor geranium, basil and clove. In relaxing massages, chamomile, jasmine, Juniper or lavender will be used. For energizers: lemongrass, bergamot, grapefruit and green tea, while for purifying massages are good thyme, Cypress, citronella and marjoram.

The treatment with aromas has multiple benefits, and Ferrer indicates this: it frees tensions; it allows a holistic healing, since it balances energetically mind, body and spirit; it improves the functioning of the nervous system; through massages, Tonifies the skin and activates the circulation, increasing the oxygen supply to the tissues. It also strengthens and recovers the elasticity of the muscles. Finally, the therapist indicates that aromatherapy is very good as relaxing and stimulating, to combat insomnia and even stress.

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