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Health of patients at risk from overcrowding in the Regional hospital

In view of the operation being carried out by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic in the Tumbes health centres on emergency topics, diagnostic imaging, external offices, pharmacy and laboratory, alarming results were obtained in the first week of inspection at the Tumbes Regional Hospital.

According to the head of Internal Control, Víctor Posada Tarrillo, 80% of the nosocomio is in a state of overcrowding, which must be taken into account because of the risks to which people arriving from the different provinces of the region and even from areas such as Máncora and Ecuador are exposed.


The severity in the emergency area is because overcrowding has reached the point of posing a danger to patients and doctors.

The lack of space to provide proper care services not only creates discomfort for sick people and professionals in the sector, but also puts everyone’s health at risk because this could lead to the proliferation of intrahospital diseases.

” There are hospitalization rooms that have up to 6 stretchers, where there should be 3 at most, ” said Víctor Posada.

The problem of overcrowding is also present in the laboratory area as there is no specialized place for the treatment of reagents and samples, which must be processed in exclusive spaces, according to the technical standard.

“Professionals should be very careful when treating reagents and samples, bad manipulation can lead to false negatives or wrong results,” the manager said.

In addition, in general and emergency pharmacies, medicines are accumulated and in External offices the situation is the same, so a good service cannot be provided because optimal conditions are lacking.

Regarding the Diagnostic Imaging Service, the obstacle is the lack of the necessary equipment to meet the demand of people who require a correct diagnosis. Víctor Posada said that the X-ray machine works at 30% of what it should, so the number of results needed cannot be met.

In addition, the regional manager of the office of the Comptroller, Harrinson Godoy Barreto, mentioned that you need to make efforts to acquire new equipment and thus able to respond appropriately to the citizens.


For the representative of the office of the Comptroller, the health professionals are doing their best efforts to comply with the expectations of the population; however, the problem with the spaces hinders their work.

According to the director of the Tumbes Regional Hospital, Amanda Villanueva, the last steps have not been very successful, which is why this situation is currently being experienced in the regional nosocomio.

In addition, he indicated that one of the factors that generated the problem is that they had to return to the surroundings of the hospital José Alfredo Mendoza Olavarría (Jamo), when it was not prepared to receive the demand for attention that exists in the region.

“We are doing everything possible to expand the spaces in order to improve the work of health personnel, ” the director said.

He also added that he has been developing coordination with Governor Wilmer Dios, who told him that the solution will take a few years; as long as alternative solutions are sought.

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