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Health responds to Mario Kreutzberger’s request and recalls

The declarations of Mario Kreutberger, who in conversation with Pulso revealed that the Teletón Foundation will ask President Sebastián Piñera for resources of about $ 11 billion for the work, had great repercussions.

I think that what is appropriate is that Fonasa gives us at least twice as much as what it is giving us, and if the state estimates it, give us one more supply so that we can increase the age and take good care of the infrastructure that we have, because it turns out that when a child or a young person is sick in a hospital it can be 15-20 days, a month.

The Ministry of Health, through its headline, Emilio Santelices, did not say whether the government will accede to the request of the renowned TV animator, but did recall the link of cooperation that exists with the foundation.

In addition to continuing the $ 2 billion in the 2019 budget, we are working with telethon to establish Fonasa coding on its benefits and thus value them in order to contribute to the financing of the beneficiaries who are served in Teleton.

The secretary of State also said that they have established an agreement at the Minsal telethon working table to ensure that they can opt for drug purchases through Cenabast and thus “obtain more advantageous prices”.

As a general principle we can point to that as the Ministry of Health and Fonasa as the funder, we understand and value the huge contribution it represents to the beneficiaries of the public sector, the contribution of Telethon to the health of chilean citizens, as well as a number of other institutions that contribute from what is also called the third sector, to meet different needs, for example, for older people or other. That is why we have put our will and dedication to support telethon so that it can continue to deliver the enormous service it provides to those who need to be rehabilitated for some physical condition.

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