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Installed first center articulated against violence at health center of Piura

In the face of the constant cases of violence in society and within the family of this region, the Deputy Regional Director of Health, César Guerrero, reported that the first center articulated in the health establishment of Santa Julia, district twenty-sixth of October, will be implemented, where some 160,000 inhabitants will be cared for.

It was reported that this initiative has been evaluated jointly with the Ministry of Health, the regional government, the women’s Emergency Centre, the judiciary and the National Police.

César Guerrero said that in Piura, an average of eight rapes are reported to minors per week. 90% of female victims.

This situation has forced the authorities of the region to undertake a multisectoral intervention through the implementation of the first national-level articulated centre where comprehensive care will be provided to the victims of violence.

The Santa Julia Health Centre has set up an environment where the future articulated Centre for comprehensive care for victims of violence will operate, providing not only care to women, but also to members of the family and vulnerable population. In the environment there will be an area for each institution involved.

It is estimated that about 500 people are cared for each year. This pilot plan is also intended to be implemented in Piura, Castilla and Sechura.

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Log. Representatives of various institutions in Piura, involved in the issue of violence, met to evaluate the Protocols of action to be taken into account and that will allow quality care to be given to the population of the 26th of October district.

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