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Lima Municipality closed 675 premises in the face of imminent health risk

After 28 working days, and before the scheduled deadline, the municipality of Lima completed the inspection work in Zones 1, 2 and 3 of the Round Table, in order to safeguard the security of the entire community.

During this time, the municipal audit team visited 21,858 premises and houses, of which 12,653 were inspected and 8,530 establishments were not allowed to be monitored and will not be able to carry out their business until they pass through the inspection process.

The closure of 675 shops was also carried out for presenting imminent risk to the health and physical integrity of persons and for not having a civil defence certificate . These establishments shall remain unattended to the public until they raise the above observations.


On the other hand, about 383 warehouses and warehouses operating in galleries and houses were detected. They were shut down because they had no permit at all, as they put people’s lives at risk if an emergency occurred.

This task is executed in term of the Ordinance no. 2159 which had as its purpose the restructuring of Round Table and its surroundings, following the fire that occurred in April of this year.

Galleries and risky premises

The premises and / or commercial galleries that were closed during these inspections presented conditions of imminent risk. The vast majority of them lacked fire protection systems (fire extinguishers expired, and smoke detectors broken), risks in the electrical panels, faulty electrical connections, absence of wells to earth, excess of goods in the evacuation zones, structures cracked to the point of collapse, among the most important.

All these actions have been identified by the team of 200 Civil Defence and control inspectors who worked by gangs during these days in the areas indicated.


Following these actions, an unusual number of people whose businesses operated under these irregular conditions went to the commune’s documentary Processing Office to get their rights and conduct the procedure to obtain their Certificate of technical inspection of building security (ITSE) and thus reopen their premises. Many waited for the last days of the deadline.

In view of this situation, the municipality of Lima provided for a greater number of staff and extended the working hours from Monday to Friday until 5 p.m. to expedite receipt, as well as to facilitate the allocation of dates for pending inspections within the relevant deadline.

On the other hand, and in parallel, the municipality of Lima has been carrying out reinspections in the premises that were closed due to imminent risk. The shops that did not allow the entrance of the municipal staff on their first visit have also been visited again.

It should be recalled that traders whose businesses had been closed must correct their comments made by the municipal authority. In order to do this, they must request a second inspection through the Bureau of parts of the commune (jirón Camana 564, Cercado).

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