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Public Health in the health area Serranía coordinates a workshop on prevention

The Public Health Unit of the Serranía Health Management Area of Malaga has coordinated a workshop on prevention of new nicotine consumption and chemical submission for young people. This initiative – within the framework of the “I love, take care of me” Youth Health Program organized by the Casa de la Juventud de Ronda – has been taught by students of Nursing degree from the University Nursing Center ‘Virgen de la Paz’ of Ronda under the supervision of the health promotion technique of the health area, Gema Díaz.

In this workshop we have addressed the risks to health posed by cigarette smoking, as well as other forms of consumption of nicotine as are the shallow and the electronic cigarettes. In this sense, reference has been made to the cachimbas, since they favour catchment, since soft and sweet flavours start young people who, in the beginning, may not smoke cigarettes. In addition, it was indicated that the sharing of nozzles and hoses increases the risk of transmission of serious infectious diseases.

On the other hand, this activity also addressed chemical submission, that is, the administration of psychoactive substances to a person without their knowledge, in order to cause a modification in their degree of vigilance, their state of consciousness or their capacity to judge. On this respect provided information on what it is the submission of chemistry, the indicators of suspicion, as well as the steps to be followed in the case of having been a victim of the same.

Young Form

Forma Joven is a health promotion strategy that involves bringing together spaces frequented by adolescents and young people, information and training advice provided by a team of professionals from different sectors, to help them decide on the choice of the healthiest responses. This strategy includes several areas of action such as socio-social education, healthy lifestyles, sexuality and egalitarian relationships, positive use of ICT and consumption prevention.

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