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Public health leaders call for new efforts to promote acceptance of vaccination

An international coalition of public health leaders has called on the government for its commitment and further efforts to promote the acceptance of vaccination as a means of eliminating preventable diseases, including childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella.

From the Salzburg Global Fellows platform, the Declaration – which has been signed by 14 internationally recognized experts-has already been endorsed by more than 50 public health leaders from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. They have thus committed themselves to supporting the development and implementation of New fact-based communication programmes to help families, the community and government leaders make appropriate decisions on child immunization, ensuring a continuous and affordable supply of necessary vaccines.

The Declaration of Salzburg on the acceptance of vaccination supports, among other measures, to incorporate laws that require child vaccination, when it is likely to improve health; to restore society’s confidence in vaccination as the basis of the progress of the public health; to join forces to correct misleading information in the social networks and in community environments; and a greater commitment to listen to and understand the barriers and concerns of parents, for vaccines and health services are more accessible and easy to use.

This declaration represents the consensus of a group of independent leaders in public health, law, and medicine are deeply concerned by the growing threat of the hesitation of parents to get their children vaccinated against infectious diseases preventable, they have pointed out the Academic Senior Scott Ratzan, of the Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, city UNIVERSITY of new york (CUNY SPH), in the USA.

Consider that it has become a problem from the moment in which the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the possibility of doubt in using a vaccine is one of the ten major global threats to human health this year, “it is time to take serious to the opponents of vaccination”, have been added.

The erosion of parental trust can have lasting damage to public health. We must respond with greater creativity, purpose and generosity of spirit and use multisectoral approaches to address this problem.

The founding member of the GTI, Lawrence Gostin, professor of Law at Georgetown University and director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Law National and Global, explained that “the resurgence of potentially deadly diseases such as measles, which was eliminated in the united States in 2000, it undermines the integrity of the protections for children that thousands of scientists, physicians and public health officials dedicated dedicated the greater part of the last century to implement”.

Parents have the right to make informed decisions about the vaccination of their children, but they do not have the right to place their children or other children at risk for a serious infectious disease.

To address these rising global risks, the authors of the Declaration of Salzburg founded the International Working Group on Solutions of Vaccination and Public Health (IWG, for its acronym in English) to advocate for, and help to develop new approaches to manage the hesitation of vaccines.

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