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Public health service tender concerns

A group of 38 ophthalmologists from Jujuy were alarmed by the emergence of a private initiative that led to a nationwide call for tenders by the Government of the province “to privatize five public health services,” he said. That is why the group requests Governor Gerardo Morales to delay the deadlines and grant them a hearing, in order to be able to discuss this proposal and to find a way to be part of it.

In dialogue with the Jujuy Tribune, the legal representative of Ophthalmologists said that “it is impossible to make a serious offer when the call for tenders was published in late April and June 4 is already open.

He also reported that this initiative is formulated by Jujuy Andina SRL, a Chilean company that is continuing the Strategic Health Plan.

He explained that in the face of the uncertainty of this new proposal they carried out various investigations detecting a series of irregularities, among them “the excessive cost of the sheets that in this case have a value of 300 thousand pesos”. He added that ‘ only legal persons or a transitional Union of Undertakings (UTE) can make proposals. But when they tried to locate their representatives to inform them of their interest in organizing a UTE with the Jujuy providers, “it was found in the Public Register of Commerce that this company is not registered, that is to say that it does not exist in the legal sphere of our province”, as expressed in a request published in this morning by ophthalmologists.

We wanted to get together with them to propose and perhaps enrich the proposal, but they don’t exist in Jujuy and we also found that they have a conviction in Chile, added the lawyer who asked not to publish his name.

In this line, the legal representative stressed that”ophthalmologists would need 70 million pesos to cover equipment costs in case of offering.

Warning about the consequences, the lawyer stated that “this company is the one that is going to fix prices and harm to the social works and to the prepaid. The doctors who are currently providing coverage through the Social Works will have to charge what this company has,” which would cause “serious future damage to the health of the poor jujeña population, without coverage.” So, to conclude on the application which is to “materialize the privatization would lead to the loss of sources of work or the mass layoff of nurses, technicians, assistants, and doctors.

Public health service tender concerns
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