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They say Alberto Fernández’s health is more delicate than they say.

The presidential precandidate of Unidad Ciudadana, Alberto Fernández, has a pleural inflammation and will continue to be interned in the Sanatorium Otamendi at least until Wednesday.

Through a statement, the institution indicated that”after several diagnostic studies, a pleural inflammation was detected that could correspond to a subsegmental arterial obstruction.”

On the other hand, the text signed by the medical director of the sanatorium, Marisa Lanfranconi, indicates that Fernández “presented a normal echocardiogram” and adds: “the patient has good general condition, with adequate pain control, wandering around the room, accompanied by his family.”

After midnight, Fernandez spread the text through his social networks, where he wrote:”to those who were frankly concerned about my health, I leave my gratitude and the Medical part of the Otamendi sanatorium that will surely reassure them.” “I’m back to working with my full health and my multiplied desires.

In consideration of the intense present and future activities of the patient and their history inherited family decides on the admission to explore the box presented and a series of general check-up on his state of health,” said the father.

Prior to the announcement, it had been reported that Fernandez had a thromboembolism with a heart attack on his left lung. In addition, it was rumored that he had leg pain and difficulty breathing.

This is not the first time Fernandez has a lung problem: just over ten years ago he was detected with a clot in his lung that had him under strong medical surveillance. For some time it was anticoagulated and it was said that this procedure would have been repeated, a common treatment when these conditions appear.

In Room 410, his wife, Fabiola, and his son accompany Fernandez. Yesterday, around noon, he received five minutes to his friend and Man of his closest trust Claudio Ferregno and spoke another five minutes with his spokesperson Juan Pablo Biondi to combine communication while cell phones from several TV channels kept their guard on the sidewalk opposite, according to Infobae. Cristina Kirchner was in constant contact, they said in her environment.

In addition to cancelling his visit to Escobar, where Intendant Ariel Sujarchuk inaugurated a children’s home and planned a tour with Garín’s pre-candidate, the team around Fernández gave up the possibility of travelling to Rosario. They were thinking to accompany the candidates of the justicialismo before the end of the week, but reorganize the agenda once it is discharged. Anyway, there’s time because Santa Fe is voted on Sunday the 16th.

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