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What self-righteousness is and what it can do for your health

To enhance health there is nothing better than cleaning the body completely. To do this we can help our body to do this cleaning, favouring autophagy. Take note of what this ancestral method can do for your health and how to get it going.

What is autophagy?

Literally means ‘to eat oneself’, this name was given to the Nobel prize Christian de Duve, scientific in belgium which has put on the table the lysosome as the main cellular organelle involved in autophagy.

As the Dr explains. Isabel Belaustegui ” autophagy is a process of cellular digestion that can be seen under a microscope. When we look through a simple optical microscope we can know that a cell is in autophagy because vesicles appear, bubbles in the cytoplasm of the cells, which correspond to those miniature washing machines in charge of crushing the cellular residues.

I’m sure you’ve heard of fasting, a widespread practice, and that our ancestors had no choice but to go through it without an infrastructure like the modern one. You either hunted and picked vegetables or you didn’t eat. This now does not happen, however, that practiced the fasting that is the method that initiates the autophagic and all its healthy benefits for the body.

Returning to the process itself, a membrane is formed around the waste material that is to be digested, and the lysosome would join it by melting down its own membrane and pouring its enzymes to do so. “In this way the components that degrade are broken and reduced to their elemental parts. And these fragments are released to the cytoplasm of the cell, where they can be used in the recycling and synthesis of new cellular components (membranes, proteins, organelles).

The process of autophagy would be inhibited by eating food, especially by taking carbohydrates and sugars that rapidly raise blood glucose levels by increasing insulin production. On the contrary, autophagy would be activated when there is a lack of food, the organism would enter energy saving mode. When performing a voluntary fast also implemented the autogamy to renew and cleanse the body.

What are the benefits of autophagy?

Autophagy is a form of cleansing the body that today are overfed and exposed to many toxins. Fasting would facilitate this purifying process that would improve bodily functions as well as the state of skin and hair.

” By fasting, we can expel toxins from the outside (chemicals from the environment, toxic from food, from the home…) and toxins from the inside of the organism, caused by the process of assimilation, such as urea from the metabolism of proteins or free radicals from the metabolic processes of obtaining energy.

At the beginning of the process you may have symptoms such as weakness, sweating, weight loss, headaches … they’re normal, you’re eliminating toxins from your body. To help the body in the process keep it hydrated, water, infusions or vegetable broths will be a good revitalizing tonic.

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